Use of EGYCERT Logo

The indication that a product is covered by the Certification Scheme must be shown in the same language as used for labeling, for example: “Organic Farming” in combination with EGYCERT label. Operators subject to EGYCERT Organic Control System who have a valid Documentary Evidence, may voluntarily use EGYCERT logo as a mark of conformity with EGYCERT Production Standard and Control Measures. The conditions concerning the use of the EGYCERT logo are determined in EGYCERT System Document “Rules of Use of EGYCERT Logo (ADM-030)” . Any interested operator may send an inquiry for the document at

·         A written approval from EGYCERT is required before using of its logo

·         The logo shall be displayed only in the appropriate form, size and color.

·         Reproduction of the logo shall be based on the master versions supplied by EGYCERT.

·         The Accreditation Body Mark shall not be used by any mean.

·         When EGYCERT logo is used, it shall be displayed in a size not larger than the certificate holder logo

·         EGYCERT shall evaluate the proper use of EGYCERT logo by certificate holders during inspection.

·         EGYCERT reserves the right to suspend or withdraw the certificate in case of misuse of the EGYCERT logo.

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