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Application for certification

The service process of products/systems certification is for the the system of production and controls equivalent to the EU organic regulations, the application procedure can be subdivided into the following steps:

     1.  Information on the procedure

Applicants have to fill in detailed description of their units for evaluation and certification procedures, appropriate to each certification scheme.   Documents for application contain the requirements for certification, the applicant’s rights and duties, and the suppliers, of the certified products. 

The specific information can be described by using the questionnaires or by applying online and sending the documents concerning the unit via email for being reviewed.

By accepting the request, the administration officer makes a legal contract that states all contractual clauses among which are the following commitments by the applicant

  • always complies with the relevant provisions of the certification program.
  • makes all necessary arrangements for the conduct of the evaluation.
  • makes claims regarding certification;  only with respect to  the scope of which certification  has been granted.
  • does not use its product / system certification  in such a manner as to bring the certification  body into dispute and does not make any statement regarding its certification  which Egycert may consider misleading or unauthorized.
  • upon suspension or cancellation of certification, discontinues its use of all advertising material that contain any reference thereto and returns any certification  documents as requested by the certification  body.
  • uses the certificates  only to indicate that products/systems are certified as being in conformity with the standards of the applicable Certification Scheme.
  • endeavors to ensure that no certificate or report nor any part thereof is used in a misleading manner.
  • complies with the requirements of Egycert, in any reference to its certified products/systems in communication media such as documents, brochures or other advertising means.

The administration officer of Egycert is responsible to provide any additional application information that might be requested by the applicant.

     2.  The application

The administration officer requires an official application form from the applicant for the scope of the desired certification. A set of specific information are to be submitted by the applicant with the application form. After recieveing the applications Egycert shall verify the authenicity of the submitted forms by sending back the forms to the applicants for signing and should be retruned back to Egycert via email after being signed. 

ADM-001 Ver 04 01012022 (Request for Application).docx

     3.  Preparation For Evaluation

Before proceeding with the evaluation, Egycert conducts and maintain records to review the application for certification. Regularly data are provided by applicants, completed and/or checked by Chief inspector before conducting inspection.

Note: All data and information which are going to be provided in application will be verified by Egycert after submision, then the application will be sent to the applicant to sign it then send it back to Egycert.

Additional information (either by filling in the questionnaires or sending the concerned documents describing the unit) shall be sent to Egycert by mail