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Based on the most recent change of the EU Regulations covering production, labelling and the control of Organic Products, EGYCERT has
amended accordingly its "Production Standard and Control Measures" in order to continue being equivalent to the most recent version of
Regulations (EC) 834.2007 and 889/2008. The Scientific Committee of EGYCERT has evaluated all recent changes of these Regulations and
adopted the necessary amendments for EGYCERT Standard. The latest version (v.01.1) is available upon request to any interested party. All
changes identified shall be applicable for all operators as of March 1st 2020.

EU Commission has recently published a new amending Regulation to Regulation (EC) No 889/2008, introducing new substances in view of their
authorisation and inclusion in Annexes I, II, VI, VIII and VIIIa to that Regulation. The dossiers for these substances have been examined by the
European Commission Expert Group for Technical Advice on Organic Production (EGTOP) and the Commission and were assessed as compliant.

EGYCERT has accepted in whole those inclusions and version 01.1 of EGYCERT Production Standard and Control Measures, reflects all these changes.

For any further information you may contact EGYCERT staff at info@egy-cert.com.

Important notice: _Operators subject to EGYCERT Organic Control System that wish to use any of the basic substances identified in Annex II(2)
of EGYCERT "PRODUCTION STANDARD & CONTROL MEASURES" should first contact the Control Body before the application of any basic substance, in order
to ensure its proper use.



on, 31/7/2019

EGYCERT calls for nominations to set up its Impartiality Committee, meeting the requirements of ISO 17065 for its Organic Product
Certification Scheme.

The service period shall start immediately after the members are selected among the nominations and shall last for 3 years. The selected
members shall have to sign annually a declaration to keep the confidentiality of the information, and not to release such information
to a third party under any conditions.  The Impartiality Committee decisions are binding for EGYCERT and are taken objectively and
independently from EGYCERT management and clients.

The Committee meets at least once per year and operates in a voluntary non-paid basis. Any expenses if travelling is required for the Members
are covered by EGYCERT.

This Committee is composed of at least 5, independent and eminent agricultural experts in the sectors / services in which EGYCERT
activities are focused. Nominations shall be accepted from all the following parties:

- Governmental Organizations, related to the certification scopes

- University representatives, related to the certification scopes

- Consultants and consultant associations

- Certification body associations

- Exporters

- Conformity assessment experts

- Non-governmental organizations and consumers’ associations

- Processing operators

- Plant production operators

- Representatives of industry trade associations

The selection of the members among the nominees, will be based on the principle that EGYCERT shall try to have such a balanced representation
of interested parties, as practically achievable.

The Impartiality Committee has the following functions:

i. Impartiality Safeguard:

a)  Make sure that the policies and principles relating to the impartiality of   the certification activities are fully implemented.

b)  Identify any tendency on the part of EGYCERT to allow commercial or other considerations to prevent the integrity and honesty
    of certification decisions

c)  Ensure that nothing affects fairness and trust in certification decisions through openness and transparency.

d)  Review the handling of any appeals against EGYCERT decisions.

The nominees shall send an email to info@egy-cert.com expressing their interest, supported by a recently updated CV. The deadline for
submission of nominations shall be Sunday, August 14th 2019.

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