Principles for organic farming & processing

According to EGYCERT Production Standard and Control Measures, organic farming shall be based on the following principles:

(a) the maintenance and enhancement of soil life and natural soil fertility, soil stability and soil biodiversity preventing and combating soil compaction and soil erosion, and the nourishing of plants primarily through the soil ecosystem;

(b) the minimisation of the use of non-renewable resources and off-farm inputs;

(c) the recycling of wastes and by-products of plant and animal origin as input in plant and livestock production;

(d) taking account of the local or regional ecological balance when taking production decisions;

(f) the maintenance of plant health by preventative measures, such as the choice of appropriate species and varieties resistant to pests and diseases, appropriate crop rotations, mechanical and physical methods and the protection of natural enemies of pests;


In addition to the farming principles, the production of processed organic food shall also be based on the following principles:

(a) the production of organic food from organic agricultural ingredients, except where an ingredient is not available on the market in organic form;

(b) the restriction of the use of food additives, of non organic ingredients with mainly technological and sensory functions and of micronutrients and processing aids, so that they are used to a minimum extent and only in case of essential technological need or for particular nutritional purposes;

(c) the exclusion of substances and processing methods that might be misleading regarding the true nature of the product;

(d) the processing of food with care, preferably with the use of biological, mechanical and physical methods.


EGYCERT Production Standard and Control Measures, sets out specific production rules based on these principles, in equivalency with the corresponding criteria laid down in the EU Organic Regulations and other International Regulations and Standards. EGYCERT Production Standard and Control Measures is available upon request to any operator interested in submitting his undertaking to EGYCERT Control System. Send your inquiry at 

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