Certification & Measures

The certification process starts after the completion of the on-site inspection (physical control).  The inspection reports as well as the farm/firm files are submitted to the EGYCERT Certification Committee to take decisions during its regular meetings, at least twice per month.  This procedure is followed for all types of inspections (initial, yearly, additional, follow up, sampling and unannounced).


Upon a positive certification decision, EGYCERT shall provide the Documentary Evidence (Certificate of Conformity) to any such operator who is subject to its controls and who in the sphere of his activities, meets the requirements laid down in the Standard. The documentary evidence permits the identification of the operator and the type or range of products as well as the period of validity and is used for the marketing of the organic products covered by the Scheme.


Where irregularities are found as regards compliance with the requirements laid down in this Standard, EGYCERT shall ensure that no reference to the organic production method is made in the labelling and advertising of the entire lot or production run affected by any irregularity, where this would be proportionate to the relevance of the requirement that has been violated and to the nature and particular circumstances of the irregular activities.

Where severe infringements or an infringements with prolonged effect are found, EGYCERT shall prohibit the operator concerned from marketing products which refer to the organic production method in the labelling and advertising for a defined period.


EGYCERT may suspend, reduce the certification scope, withdraw the certification or even terminate the contract of any given Operator subject to its Organic Control System, based on evidence collected by any evaluation activity. Decisions for measures affecting Operators or sanctions imposed, are taken by EGYCERT Certification Committee based only on objective evidence according to EGYCERT Procedures.


Information on cases of irregularities or infringements affecting the organic status of a product shall be immediately communicated between EGYCERT and equivalent control bodies, control authorities, competent authorities in the Countries of operation and European Member States concerned and, where appropriate, to the European Commission.

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