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Who we are?

EGYCERT is a private control body for inspection and certification of agricultural production, processing and export of organic agricultural products.


Achieve organic market with high level of quality and safety.
Dealing with highly experienced clients.
We keep up to date to the latest versions of standards.


Egycert is recognized as an equivalent certification body for Organic ( EU & UK)
Also, Egycert also provide KRAV and has verification agreement from KRAV.

Quality services

Fast issuance of certificates.
Highly experienced employees.
We ensure the confidentiality of clients' data.


Legal Status

EGYCERT is a private limited liability company, aiming to support the development of organic agriculture as well as good agricultural practices in Egypt. EGYCERT is formed according to the Egyptian law 95 for the year 1992. Operations start since August 2018. EGYCERT is a legal entity, which is not a part of any larger organization. The foundation of the company was indicated in the companies gazette which is produced by Ministry of Economy.

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EgyCert Policy Statement

EGYCERT policy statement is to provide the state-of-the art services to its clients in the field of organic as well as G.A.P. certification of agricultural products, according to international standards, to support marketing their products with the least cost and highest quality, employing a high competent staff.

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Quality Policy Statement

EGYCERT acts as a certification body with the aim to support the development of organic agriculture and good agricultural practice in Egypt. Certification will help producers and processors to produce organic and GLOBALG.A.P. products with a quality and conformity which guarantees an access and entrance to European and other international markets. To justify the confidence of the suppliers as well as the accreditation body, the following principles are applicable for all EGYCERT staff as well as clients: ( Nondiscriminatory approach, Impartiality and independence, Transparency and openness, Sense of responsibility, Clearness of the objectives, Experience and competence and Continual Development ).

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